Friday, August 14, 2009

Sad good byes and happy endings.

So we had to find a new home for Marley our beloved, mischeivious, unmannered labradoodle. She was a sweet dog in need of lots of love and attention. Things I didn't have extra to give to a smelly hyper puppy. We lived with her constant chewing and destroying everything in sight. Her jumping and muddying up perfectly good clothing. Her digging holes and scratching at the windows. Picking up every bomb she left in the back yard so that we didn't find a suprise on the bottom of the childrens shoes. Then she started escaping her very expensive wireless fence. Mostly when we were out side and pretty much to explore. I was attemting to teach her to stay where she was supposed to but to little success. The minute I turned my back she was off again to terrorize someone or something. Well she has had a facination with chasing my other animals. Baby goats, cats and turkeys. To this point she had not harmed anyone of those animals though. Well on this particular day there was a knock at the door. It was the neighbor informing me that my dog was "trying to kill your turkey". Luckily the neighbor out of her normal routine happened to be outside and saw this happen. I ran out and the dog took off. She knew she was in for it. She refused to let me catch her and when I did she snapped at me. I chained her up(which I think is no life for a dog but did it for everyones saftey involved). Then tended to the turkey.
The tukey was in pretty bad shape. It appeared to be in shock and moved very little. In looking closer at the wounds most of the feathers on its back had been ripped out and there were lots of little cuts and bites but no big open wounds. I had no idea what an attack like that would do to a turkey. Well I bathed it (in the bath tub BTW) and put a ointment on it to keep it moist. None of these things come easy for me. I am quite freaked out by dying animals and even more so life threatening wounds. I called vets and friends for advice and did the best that I could. Upon my husbands suggestion I brought the tukeys (there are 2 of them) inside. I brought both in thinking that if the turkey was in shock I didn't want to further that shock by separating it from its partner from day one.
The children wanted to be involved every step of the way. Wanting to help in any way they could. Macy is the most concerned and we could possibly have a future vet on our hands :). Thoughout the evening Macy would periodically peer out the window to the laundry room and check on the turkey's. Followed by the statement "Nope not dead yet" ahaha. I love my childrens strange acceptance of death and pain. We went to bed with the turkey in pretty much the same condition. Lathargic, and sickly looking.
We wake up the next morning to be pleasantly surprised by a lively little turkey. I continued to watch him throughout the day and he improved. So I decided he needed to get out and stretch. One reason we felt he needed to be inside was be cause imediatly after he was wounded the other turkey began to peck him(very normal for birds to do) and flies were all over him. So letting him out I was concerned about the flies. Well come to find out the oinment I used also deter flies! So he did great! About a week out and he is recovering well. It will take time for feathers to return but he is as lively as ever.
Well come to find out the neighbor informed me that Marley was taking the turkey and throwing it repeatedly into the air..ugh. I that day put an add on craigslist. She had a new home by the weekend. I am happy with the home she was placed in. They seem to have the time and attention that she so desparately needed.
With out the threat of her terrorizing all of the animals I can now let my other animals free range in the back yard. They are all happy and at peace(no fear of Marley jumping around the corner and mauling them). It is such a joy to look out the back window and see baby goats and turkeys happily chasing eachother!

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