Thursday, February 17, 2011

Have you ever ridden Steady bareback?

A friend asked me today on facebook and my response I thought you guys might enjoy.

ouch! yes, I try not to but sometimes I will. Mostly just walking though. But one time at a horse show I entered myself unknowingly in a ride-a-buck class. My friend told me it would be fun. She said that we had to put a dollar under our leg and whoever kept it there the longest got all the money. She failed to mention it was BAREBACK! So they called out walk, trot and canter and the goal was to keep the dollar between you and the horse. My personal goal was to keep my butt from hitting the ground!! Though I never actually got him to pick up a canter he flew around the ring in his fastest trot instead which is way worse than if he would just canter. We actually did pretty well and I was impressed. I think we were third to last left in the arena. I guess when your goal is just to not fall off and you basiscally made it to third place then you are doing good.  My motto should be set your sights low and you won't be disappointed. That would be a terrible title of a self help book but has worked well for me and Steady.

But riding Steady bareback is the worst version of a wedgie one can imagine. It is a spine wedgie repeatedly administered with incredible force. To say the least it is not fun and you are sore for days. Though I can only imagine the way that Steady would describe the experience. Probably something like. "Hey Moonlight you know that lady that gives us food? Well seriously has she ever considered weight watchers! I mean why would someone insist on climbing on my back with absolutely no padding the force me to run around in circles while they repeatedly slam their fat ass directly onto my spine??! These people are idiots!"

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Lazy woman's bread part 3: Bouhl

Bouhl is a fancy term for what I call a round loaf.  Which is completely versitile.  I have used it for soup bowls, for sandwiches, it is fabulous when you make the knorr vegetable dip and use it as a bread bowl.  A huge crowd pleaser.  This day I used it for garlic bread with our spaghetti dinner.  We had homemade spaghetti sauce all ingredients right out of our summer garden perserved for a fridged winter night like this to have a taste of summer.  Also meat balls made from our homegrown turkeys that we ground ourselves.  I also served green beans steamed from the freezer which also came from our garden.  The only thing that was store bought unfortunately was the pasta.  My mother insisted on confiscating my kitchen aid attachment pasta maker last time she was here.  Ok ok I guess it did belong to her but still  :).  And it is a bit pricey for me to justify purchasing.  And I am domestic and all but you won't find me hand rolling pasta when I can get it in a box for a buck.

So you take your dough from the fridge.  Preheat your oven to 450.  Sprinkle your stone, or if you have a pizza peal then put your stone in the oven while it preheats and do everything else on your pizza peal, but since I don't have a pizza peal I just do everything directly on the stone.  Sprinkle the stone with corn meal. 

Grab a hunk about the size of a grapefruit.

Use your hands to form it into a ball.  Rolling it under, turning a quarter turn each time.  It should be smooth on the top.  This whole process should take all of about 30 seconds.

 Let the dough rest for about 30 minutes...about the time it takes for the oven to preheat.

 When your oven is preheated sprinkle with flour.

Take a knife and cut slits into the dough.  You can make what ever pattern you choose.

Sometimes this dough can be funny depending on how long it sits.  What I have found though is that it all tastes the same may just not be as pretty.  But 90% of the time they do turn out very pretty.

Cut into slices covered in butter garlic and herbs put under the broiler for couple minutes you won't even care what the loaf looks like...mmmmm.

there you have it now we have made 4 foccia breads(we had pizza another night) and two loaves of bread.  The garlic bread was made from one loaf my family devoured the other the next day.  This bread does not store long.  Which is fine since it doesn't usually last long :)  It does store well for 1-2 days but not air tight.  I usually use paper bags.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Cows, you can thank me later.

I haven't eaten ground beef in probably 5 months.  Since we butchered our turkeys I cook everything I would normally use ground beef for.  Meatballs, chili, burgers, tacos you name it all with turkey.  I hadn't realized until tonight when I made tacos using ground beef that I really have not missed it at all.  Turkey tastes sooooo much better.  One nice thing about turkey is it really takes on the flavor of what ever is in it.

It won't be long now and we will have some more gobblers  hanging around the farm.  Raising turkeys has been such a great experience for us.  And this year having ground up 30 lbs has been wonderful to have.  So I cannot see myself buying any ground beef in the near future, so cows you can thank me later.