Sunday, February 5, 2012

Taking "angry birds" to a whole new level.

It is a game that if you own a smart phone you probably have it on there and have spent an hour or two of your valuable time wasted on trying to send tiny little birds flying through the air to knock over some walls.  Though it is something I doubt any of us would admit to doing.  I know I sure have never played the game...cough,cough...;).  Anyways I am not speaking of tiny little cartoon games today.  I am speaking of more of the bigger, feathered type that don't want to be caught nor butchered.

This story begins with a conversation between a friend and I about how this seemingly wild flock of turkeys have taken up residence on her property.  Days went by, weeks went by and they never left.  They would roost up in the trees at night and scrounge her property during the day.  Even wander through the town near by.  That sent neighbors over exclaiming to my friend that "her" turkeys were in their yard.  She would assure them they were NOT her turkeys but they for some reason have adopted her.  In our conversations we discussed the idea of getting these birds butchered that were eating food meant for her actual animals.  They were pretty much free for the taking since they were on her property.

The plan evolves when we set up an appointment with the local poultry butcher.  We have both raised turkeys in the past and are very familiar with the birds but these were not domesticated and were a different story.  The idea was we would some how catch the birds throw them into my horse trailer then I would trailer them over to the butcher.  Well I have never met a smart bunch of turkeys until these.  As soon as they noticed their friends going missing they high tailed out of there and didn't return.  The good news is that we caught 3 of them.  Though we were looking forward to all 7 it was better than nothing.

The next day.  I drive them out to the butcher shop and let the butcher know I am here to drop off 3 of the 7 we had schedueled.  They sent out about a hundred pound amish gal to help me catch them and bring them in.  Here is where the angry birds comes into play.  Who knew that catching 3 turkeys in an enclosed space could be so difficult??  I have never seen a turkey as strong as these and the biggest one was amazingly tough.  There were feathers flying, wing smacks to the face, quick manuvures to avoid turkey claws and when it was all said and done there were feathers, blood and sweat everywhere.  Luckly all the blood belonged to the the turkeys.  I looked as if I had been tarred and feathered and so did my horse trailer. 

Though the turkeys may have won the battle I definitely won the war!  Guess which one of us is in that pot?!!

I'll give you a hint, it's not me ;)


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