Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ikea product with my own twist.

So I was taking down pictures and stringing up herbs and garlic from the nails in the walls.  And the pasta, oh my the pasta, I had that stuff strung all over my house.  Over chairs, butcher string strung across the kitchen that we almost had to crawl to get under. Then it occured to me that this was not the best solution considering soon I will have no pictures on my walls and more garlic, pasta, herbs and onions then I will know what to do with.  So I thought and thought and thought.  Then this idea hit me, an idea that my husband was sure to balk at but a good idea in my mind either way :).  He is such a good sport because he is always a willing particiapant in my cookey ideas.  He sometimes works near an Ikea so I called him up and lo and behold he was near by it must have been meant to be!  So he stopped in at my request and got the product I had asked for.  So here is my solution

I have seen these at Ikea quite a few times.  They advertise them as something you hang kids artwork from.  They are simple cables you attach to the walls.  Which is a cute idea but I not nearly functional enough for me to dedicate my wall space to.  I love design with function but design without function is not nearly as interesting to me.

It is like this empty wall space was just waiting for me to figure out the perfect use for it.  And by george I found it!

The table is from Ikea also.  It was in my living room and I knew it would be way more useful in my kitchen.  I mean you can never have enough storage in the kitchen.  All I need now is to get some baskets to fit on the shelves.


  1. What a great idea! Ikea has some nifty little things don't they? Great blog too, I'm loving it! Vic xx

  2. Great idea! I love IKEA, just wish there was one a little closer to us here...

  3. Thanks for stopping by and leaving a comment on my blog. We'd love to have have you come and ride with us, only need to know well in advance to make sure we have a horse for you; like you say, maybe next year. Your Ikea idea is quite practical, you are one busy woman! I love the summer camp idea, my husband wanted me to do that a few years ago, but it never happened.


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