Wednesday, July 7, 2010

My heart is full, my mind is racing but my energy is gone.

Which makes for an empty blog. Between the busy busy time of year and the intense heat since April when I finally get a chunk of time to sit down at the computer I just can't muster enough mental energy to put the creative words running through my brain onto the page.  So here it is in the short version of what has been going on around here.  4-H fair went great my daughter and her little miniature did so awesome!  Our camera  was still out of commission at that point so we did not get any photos.  But a friend of a friend took this picture and by chance she found us and sent it to me!  For which I am so grateful.  I just love this.  Just a candid moment of a girl and her pony.

My first farm camp that I put on here at my farm went great!!  Wait did I ever mention on here that I was doing a farm camp?  Ugh I don't know.  But I did do a camp.  I had 6 campers dropped of every day for a week.  I put them to work.  We cleaned stalls, milked the goat, weeded the garden, planted and we also had lots of fun.  Riding the horses, playing games, making cheese and pies.  It went so well I am opening it up again in August and I already have 4 spots filled.  The crazy part is the kids LOVED all the work.   Here are my campers.

I am still going strong with farmers market.  It is alot of work but it is paying off some.  I have also started bringing my little miniature and doing pony rides.  He made about $15 all by himself last week!  here is our table.

Here is the stuff I bring.  Bouhl Artisan loaf, basil fettuccini, focaccia and some herbs.

Here is blaze getting some love! 25 cents to feed the pony and $1 for a ride.

I am also going and taking my first riding lesson in 15 years tomorrow which I am super excited about.  I am mostly excited that I am going to have a professional help me figure out a solution to the many problems I seem to be having with my sweet horse.  I am having the worst time getting weight on him.  He has the worst case of rain rot I have ever seen.  That I have had the vet out for and he got medicine and a perscription shampoo that I cannot tell if it is helping or not.  Then my saddle is giving him a terrible sore on his withers.  I have resorted to riding bareback until we can find a saddle that works :(  Ugh horse ownership does not come without it's costs.

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  1. congrats on the market!! And I LOVE that picture of your daughter and her pony. It's worth blowing up and framing! glad to here farm camp was a success. Maybe I could do CLEAN HOUSE camp here. If I could just get my own campers excited, but I think you need different kids :o)
    kids that don't know all your tricks!!


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