Saturday, June 26, 2010

Market Success!

The farmers market was a success! It is an amazing amount of work to put it all together but it has been a cool experience. The people are so awesome to meet and get to know. I actually had a woman tell me today that she has "been dreaming about my bread all week". It is pretty cool that I am already getting faithful customers. I had at least 10 returning customers this week!

We brought our miniature horse today and kids could feed him and we did pony rides.  My goal with this was to try to bring people in and it was successful at that.  I had quite a few people that stopped in just to see the pony.  But in seeing the pony they have to walk through the market.  At least five had never even known there was a farmers market.  So it will help get the word out about the market.  I have been to farmers markets before that you could barely walk through because of all the people.  Well ours is NOT like that.  At best we have a consistent trickle of traffic.  And that is 99% the faithful farmers market types.  We need more of those!  I am hoping it picks up.  In reality though I baked 20 loaves of bread to bring and 2 batches of pasta and I have always sold out of everything.  So I don't know if I could keep up with a bigger crowd.

In other news I got a charger for my camera and I am kicking myself I didn't get pictures.  But seriously I feel like a chicken with it's head cut off from the moment I wake up to the moment it is over.  It is hard to keep my head on straight half the time so the camera slipped my mind.  I will aim for next week to get some pictures.


  1. I usually go to our local flea market for veggies they basically have a "farmer's market aisle". Two weeks ago, however, I found out that we have a local farmer's market I didn't know existed. I was disappointed. It was TINY. Very few vendors and the prices weren't as good as at the flea market, probably because there is no competition. There was literally one farmer with a vegetable stand. They also had one with a stand selling honey, one sno-cone stand, a farmer selling black angus beef, and a couple selling plants. So, even though I hate fighting the crowds at the flea market I'll be going back there for my veggies from now on.

    I hope your experience with the farmers market continues to be a good AND profitable one.

  2. That is too bad about your farmers market. For some reason they do well in some towns and not in others. Ours I beleive is growing in popularity. Thanks so much!


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