Friday, June 25, 2010

Keeping up

Keeping up is hard to do.  I keep asking myself what made me think I had the time to start up a business at this point in my life.  I feel God is in it.  So on I go in this exciting yet exhausting path.  God and I have had lots of talks through out the years about what He wants me to do.  I have ALWAYS felt that He wanted me at home caring for my family. There has never been one doubt in that.  But I have always had this little itch that someday we would have a family business.  Something mostly run by me and my 3 girls but that Ryan was involved and supportive of.  I mean he already has a full time job he doesn't need another.  My mind has gone many different routes as to which way we might take this idea of a family business.  But I have not really taken a jump with both feet into that direction until now.

WOW I am having a hard time slowing down to enjoy this.  I am hoping though that I will soon find the balance I need to keep up with it all.  But tonight it is making pasta until 11:30 at night and up at 5 packing up bread, produce, pasta and a pony to head out to the farmers market.

I am truely truely blessed to be living this life!  God is fulfilling my dreams and all I can do in turn is give Him the glory for every last bit of it!  So undeserving am I to receive the love He gives.  NOTHING is impossible with God!


  1. You're living the dream, baby, you're living the dream! Often times, tho, the dreaming is the easy part! Hang in there~ it will all be worth it:)) Still no camera charger:))?????

  2. I did finally get a charger! So I should be posting pictures soon. And yes dreaming is the easy part but the doing it is so rewarding


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