Friday, June 4, 2010

A weekend of play!

                 This is me and my daughter is the tiny little thing right next to me.  My friends daughter is bare back behind us.

I have had the most fabulous weekend.  I have tried to soak up every minute of it.  Cause realistically I know in the back of my mind that one day soon I am going to have to grow up and and not be able to play all day.  But for this moment in time I am just taking it as it comes..

Again me on the left and you can see my daughter but not her little horse since the grass is taller than he is.

Our horse and pony 4-H club set up a horse camping weekend at the near by state park.  So my oldest daughter and I packed up and headed down.  We decided not to camp over night but we did spend the day trail riding and stuck around to cook out with the club.  The trail ride was not with out it's hiccups.  The trail started out with well ummm about 5 different places we had to cross water.  To make a long story short our little miniature that my daughter was riding DID NOT like water. She was nervous as heck to make him go through it.  Well my club leaders son so sweetly walked them through the river.  Cause heaven knows I wasn't getting wet with my boots on and then riding all day.  Let me tell you before we were done my daughter was getting after her horse and they were jumping streams and walking through water up to her boots.  I am so mad  my camera battery was dead.

We had two people offer to buy our little miniature.  He is the cutest little thing ever and a trooper trail riding with the big horses.

Well once we were done riding and untacked our horses.  We put all the kids in the back of  the pick up truck and drove them down to the lake.  They all still had their riding cloths on so we told them they needed to wade in the water.  I will give one guess as to how long it was before they all dove into the lake.  All of about 2 minutes.  It was wonderful!!  The whole day was just any kids dream.  Well and any BIG kids dream too.  I couldn't ask for more from life!


  1. Ooooohhhh!!! I am just smiling reading this and looking at those cute pictures:)) Yay for you! Your livin' the dream, baby, your livin' the dream! And isn't it grande??!!!

    We have been taking our little mini with on trail rides, too, this spring and it makes me laugh everytime I see our (12 yr old) son riding him~ but they are both so happy to come along:)))

  2. That is sooooo cute!!!! I love that miniature!


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