Monday, August 16, 2010

Every little girls dream

In your dreams as a little girl you imagine a white horse that is all your own.

                                 You will wash, brush, ride and love this animal with all your heart. 

My daughter's drream came true about 2 weeks ago. Now what would you name this white horse if you are a 7 year old girl? Well Moonlight of course!

Steady and Moonlight make great trail buddies.

He is an 8 year old gaited Tennessee Walker mix.

They make quite the pair!

Now she doesn't look happy at all.

As this little girls mother my dream is similar with a few more things on the list.  Like SAFE, gentle and did I mention safe.  He is all of those!  Oh I couldn't ask for a better horse for her.  She does like a challange so he is not half dead but he is SAFE and that is all that matters to Mama.
This just warms my heart.

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