Thursday, August 19, 2010

Pickled green beans.

I love pickles and was looking forward to putting some up this year.  Well my cucumbers had other ideas.  Something is killing off my plants when the cukes are small.  So I am going pickle some green beans.  I had some last year and I really liked them.  Though I have NOT tried this recipe before so I cannot say whether it is good or not.  I will try a small batch first to try it out and in a couple weeks do more if they turn out good.

I borrowed this recipe from Hickory Holler Farm .  She had posted it for dilled okra but I am altering it a bit for my beans.

Pickled green beans

4 cups water

2 cups vinegar

1/2 cup pickling salt

5 1/2 pounds okra with stems

1 1/2 tsp celery seeds

6 cloves garlic

6 jalapeno peppers (optional)

Prepare beans, trim them 1/4 in from top of jars.  Heat water, vinegar and salt to boiling. Meanwhile pack beans into cleean hot quart jars. To each jar add 1/2 tsp dill seed or 2 head of dill if you have fresh dill. 1/2 tsp celery seeds and 2 clove garlic sliced. Add 1 hot pepper if desired. Cover beans with boiling hot brine and leave a 1/2 inch headspace. Seal and process in boiling water bath canner for ten minutes.  Let sit for about 2 weeks and enjoy.

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