Wednesday, November 3, 2010

I am on a junk hunt.

I am ready to feel uncluttered.  Each passing year seems to bring in more clutter and you know what they say "one mans trash is another mans treasure".  I have been searching high and low for things that need to go.  We have filled up trash cans of the true trash and we have filled boxes and trash bags of stuff.  Stuff to go to goodwill and be reused and repurposed.  Already we have filled the entire back of my SUV and taken it to goodwill and I have not made it through the entire house.  Everytime another trash bag goes I feel that much lighter.  It feels good to declutter.  To rid ourselves of stuff.  Stuff that seems to just collect.

I have gone room to room and organized top to bottom one at a time.  I am tired of feeling like my house is controling me and I am ready to take control of my home.

Rooms done:

Bedroom, and believe me that was a feat.


Laundry/mudroom, which will soon be turned into a laundry/mudroom/tackroom

Garage, not comlpetely finished but I can at least fit my car in it.

Rooms to go:

Guestroom/ office

Girls bedroom

Then once organized will come the spring(fall) cleaning.  Everything cleaned from top to bottom.  It is such a good feeling to be making such progress.  Everyone has pitched in and done their part.  The kids have even gone through their toys and filled two big trashbags to donate.

It is such a freeing feeling.

Then once it is done, I have some super great remodling projects going through my brain!!

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