Monday, December 27, 2010

My prayer for the new year.

There alot of goals I have for the new year.  Sometimes it is discouraging coming up with the list since I know in advance I will surely fail at meeting all of them.  Though I am not the one that is supposed to be improving myself.  My life it not one big self help book.  At least it is not supposed to be.  It should be a book about the faithfulness of the one and only true God.  I am who I am by the grace, mercy, love, patience, compassion, strength, power, longsuffering, birth, death and ressurection of my Saviour.  So why would I think I would be able to continue to be who I am without completely relying in Him.  My life is His and I pray He do with it what He will.  I only ask that You continue to love, protect and be close to me through all of it.  Help me to be the woman, wife, mother that You want me to be.  I pray my home will be a place where the Holy Spirit roams free working in our lives everyday.  If You do those few things I know that not only will my goals be met but You will surpass all I could ever ask or imagine.  These are the desires of my heart so please help me Lord.

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