Monday, March 7, 2011

Sap update...and other various ramblings from the farm.

It has been 5 days and we have collected about 60 gallons of sap.  We have pulled out all the stops in containers to keep it all in but so far we have adequate storage.  Between rubermaid totes and all my canning pots we are in good shape.

I also hope to be able to give a photo update on things around the farm now that the ground is not covered in snow.  Though now the snow has turned to mud.  It just doesn't give that cute homesteading farm feeling but it is reality I guess.  I have a 1 year old Louise that is as cute and sweet as ever, a very pregnant Bubbles who is actually sweeter than normal (I think the pregnancy hormones are effecting her).  And some very fluffy horses to show you all.

Chick days are started at the local feed store and I was checking them out.   I am a little tempted to get some of those little fluff balls but this year have decided to hold off until a little later.  May possibly.  Last year I think I got them in March and they were ready so early and with the unpredictable weather we still get in april early may when it was time for them to head out doors it was still too cold.  Oh and we have the turkey tractor situation to figure out.  This is what I want.  Though I am not sure if it will be what I get.  I don't want to spend an arm and a leg but I also don't want to build something cheaply and have to rebuild every year or two.  But this thing would be fabulous.  As long as the weight was doable to be pulled by the 4-wheeler.

Work on the farm is never done and at times it is overwhelming and thoughts of an easier life take over.  But it is a good feeling using your hands to make, grow and raise all you and your family need.  Not that we are there yet but each year we get closer and closer.

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