Monday, March 7, 2011

Well oh my stars and garters!

Did I hear that correctly?  Are my ears playing tricks on me?  Did my husband just say, "I will plant the garden"?  Don't get me wrong my husband is a wonderful husband and father but in the years I have known him I have seen him spent a total of 5 minutes in the garden all added up and that is the trips he made over the edge to grab cherry tomatoes off the vine.  I have to give him the credit he deserves he is not the every day nitty gritty get involved with out door chores but he IS the nuts and bolts of this operation.  You can see him here  building a cold frame.  Not to mention the animal enclosures and garden boxes he has assembled.  He is muscule that picks up lumber and compost and other various items for all of it.  So it could not be done without him.  But he has never been a willing partner in the planning, planting, harvesting, weeding end of the garden.  Shhhhh I think I may be winning him over to this whole lifestyle ;).  So he offered to plant and no I would not expect him to go out and plant the whole thing by himself but it will be the extra push I needed to get motivated this year and to have a partner to share the load.  It also means that he finds value in all the work that I do.  So much so that he is willing to help me continue it on a year I am struggling to keep up.

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