Saturday, February 13, 2010

Garden lovers check it out: DIY cold frame

I am so excited!  Today we put together a cover for my garden box to create a cold frame.  It cost about $20 and was about 2 hours work.  Thanks to my wonderful, strong and handy hubby.

Step one: Draw out plans

                                  Step two: remove the mound of snow from the top of the garden box.

Step three watch my hot hubby cut the pieces of wood.
Step four: Lay out the frame.

Step five:  Screw together frame and repeat for opposite side of box.

Ahhh it all fits perfectly!

Step six: Staple plastic to the frame.

It is a group effort!

Viola!!  Finished!!
This is two seperate pieces with blocks to stablize them on each end.  Both sides prop up in the center for the particularly sunny days.  I am hoping to have some lettuce growing in them soon!!!
Looking forward to learning how to utilize this.  I also received my copy of "Square Foot Gardening" book today that I ordered.  I used Mel's method last year and now I am hooked but I just finally got my own book.  Also got "Artisan Bread in Five Minutes a Day" which is awesome considering I returned the copy to the library yesterday.  Now I need to start studing up on how to garden in a cold frame.  If anyone has any tips I would greatly appreciatet them.


  1. Ooo, that looks great. I didn't get my raised beds finished before it got too cold but that definitely looks like an idea to remember.

  2. Hi! I came over from looks like you have a wonderful blog here! You will like your hot box..except when it gets too is surprising how fast they can heat up:)

  3. Judy- My raised beds have been wonderful. I definitely recommend checking out Square Foot Gardening. His method makes so much sense and it really works.

    Far Side of Fifty- have you used hot boxes before? If so what are the best times and ways to utilize them? I was hoping to get some lettuce and spinach going in them but it will all be a trial and error thing.

    Thanks both of you for stopping by!!

  4. Great job! I am in the middle of building 4 out of concrete blocks...can't wait to get my planted either. Your helpers are just precious! Hubby doesn't want a camel? Go figure...Kim

  5. This has been a project on my mind lately, too, here in cold WI. I'll be anxious to see how you like it:))

  6. If I didn't love animals so much my hubby wouldn't have a single animal let alone living on 15 acres with a plethora of them :) He is a willing helper in all the farm work though.

  7. OurCrazyFarm- I know, living in the north really makes that growing season short. Just trying to do what I can to make it last a bit longer. I will defintely keep my blog updated on the success and failure(inevitable I am sure) of this.

  8. I just found you thru Terri at Our Crazy farm and I am sure to be back for more!!

    I need a cold frame here too. I am in SW Va but in a cold area with a zone 6 garden. Our garden season is short too. I am not sure if all our snow will be melted off our garden by June this year!! Maybe we will just have to plow it under!!!

  9. I have a cold frame very similar - but instead of using plastic - I found some old single pane windows that I use on top of my raised bed. The plants love the jump start on the season and this year I just converted the raised bed to the square foot gardening method with Mel's mix. I can't wait to see how it will do this fall.


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