Friday, February 19, 2010

Fess up Friday

Ok I'll play.  Kendra at has started fess up Friday so I decided to play along.  Here are the rules she has laid out.

If you have a blog, and aren’t too embarrassed to spill the beans to millions of viewers, write up a short post confessing that less than perfect housekeeping secret you’ve been sweeping under the rug! Copy the Fess Up Friday logo and paste it into your post, then leave your link below to share with others!

This can be about cleaning “shortcuts”, mommy mistakes, recipe flops, forgetful minds… anything to get a laugh! I do reserve the right to delete any links to crude or inappropriate materials. Please leave a link directly to your Fess Up Friday post, and not your home page.
If you don’t blog, or would rather share your secrets anonymously (com’mon, they can’t be that bad!), you can leave your silly story in the comments section.
I’m not looking for a long post. Just a short admission reminding us all that we are all doing the best we can, and sometimes that just has to be good enough!! It won’t take long, and you’ll feel so much better getting it off your chest, *smiles*. So, you have no excuses!

My Confession

All this week and even now I am neglecting my duties and responsibilities for one reason or another.  Mostly it has been garden related.  With the recent cold frame, seed share planning and seed order I cannot get my mind out of my imaginary garden.  That is sure to be a success come spring(lets cross our fingers).  I have laundry(at least it is clean) that has been on my couch all week.  Something my dear husband HATES.  I have neglected to make dinner more than once this week.  School has been at the bare minimum.  Even now as I type here I should be getting ready for our Friday Science Coop.  What the heck is wrong with me?  I am lacking some serious focus and some major self-dicipline.  In the famous words of Ren (from the Ren and Stimpy Show...LOL)  "Pull it together MAN!"


  1. I just spotted your post on PW's homeschooling page. I have three kids, 8, 6, and 1. I do NOT homeschool because I don't believe I have even a modicum of organizational skill to tackle the task and get them beyond the third grade.

    Your "laundry on the couch for a week" had me rolling. 90% of the time, our loveseat is full of laundry, and all too often my long-suffering husband finds himself digging through the pile for clean underwear or socks. If I never get it sorted, we sometimes feverishly pitch the clean laundry onto our bed and shut the door only to drag it back out to the loveseat because we forgot it and now it's bedtime.

    Worse still is what my husband has dubbed "kinetic cleaning." It's usually reserved for cluttered areas like the dining room table. Company's coming, so the entire tabletop is stuffed in a box and thrown out of sight, only to reappear after guests leave. What we really need is a desk, but we have no room for one...sigh.

  2. Hey, clean laundry on the couch is clean laundry. Closets and drawers were designed by a man who had too much time on his hands, right?

  3. This is so like me! The "kinetic cleaning" had me laughing till I cried! Thanks for confessing! LOL


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