Thursday, February 25, 2010

Jungle Jim's a foodies paradise and much more

First of all I have been remiss to post an update.  Every time I sat down to start typing I have just felt altogether uninspired.  Kind of the theme for the last couple weeks of February for me.  It will soon be over and signs of spring will be near and my spirits be lifted!

Today's adventures after schooling the kiddos.  The hubs stayed home and worked then had to go to Ohio for something and asked if we wanted to go along and go to Jungle Jim's afterward.  I would be a silly woman to pass up the opportunity to go to Jungle Jim's.  What is Jungle Jim's you may ask?  Just the biggest, coolest grocery store you have ever seen.  They discribe it as "the 6 acre food lover's paradise"  I would have to agree.  For any cook it is heaven and dangerous all at the same time.  It is also very entertaining for the kids.  I meant to take pictures but never got around to it.  You know that feeling of walking into Disney World as a kid?  Well it is like that for an adult.  The sounds the smells, the shear biggness is overwhelming and you don't know which direction to go first.  They have EVERYTHING you could ever possibly want when it comes to food.  To name a few; black truffles ($250), chicken feet, pig heads, ham that is $250 a lb, any produce and alot of it at great prices.  The cheese section is as big a small grocery store.  If ever you pass through Hamilton, OH I would highly recommend stopping by Jungle Jim's.

Since the last time I posted I have done OAMC (I know I know I promised two more posts about it and I will I will).  Took my girlies and 3 nieces to a hotel, build a bear, out to eat and gave them all makeovers for sweet Macy's B-day. 
                                     Now that was a whirl wind of girl fun.  Poor poor husband. 

 I made homemade pasta for the first time...

                                                                       All strung up.

Basil fettuccini...mmmm

Chicken sauted in a garlic butter sauce.  Thrown together with some of my sundried cherry tomatoes and parmasean. Served over my homemade basil fettuccine.  Simply Delish!

After a a few learning curves the pasta was a cinch.  I used the kitchen aid pasta attatchment to make it.  

Still waiting on those baby goats to make their appearance.  Mama looks like she could go any day.  I have her penned up in the barn with lots of straw in one of the horse stalls.  I am keeping a close eye on her and impatiently waiting!

Tomorrow is a busy Friday with Coop, theater, library and baking sweet rolls for the freezer with a friend.  Come to think of it I have spent 3 days this week cooking with friends.  There is not much better than spending the day in the kitchen with a friend.  Making good food and have good times.  

The highlight of my day was Macy (who is 5) when she noticed I was picking up some broccoli at Jungle Jim's proceded to shout "YAY, Broccoli!!!" now that is a great kid!

Good night, all!

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  1. Thank You for the compliments!

    Have Fun!
    Phill Adams
    Director of Development
    Jungle Jim's International Market, Inc.
    Fairfield, Ohio 45014-4108


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