Thursday, February 18, 2010

~Farewell Franklin~ Mixed feelings

                     These are pictures of Franklin at 2 days old.  He is now 10 months and much bigger.

Late last night I finally got the nerve to list my dear sweet Franklin on Craigslist.  Franklin is my so ugly he is adorable, super lovable but oh so stinky buck pygmy goat.  I love him dearly but with his mom and sister on the premesis it is not best for all involved that he be here.  He has already inpregnated them once and that just cannot happen again.  Also when the girls give birth I plan to milk and a buck near by will probably ruin my milk.  Well the girls are due soon!  They are really starting to show the signs of impending labor.  So it is time to find Franklin a new home.

As I suspected it didn't even take 24 hours to find him a home.  Good news is I had a 20 minute conversation with the man coming to get him.  Come to find out the we both frequent the local Amish produce auction.   My guess he was a 65 yr old country man and he had just the sweetest personality and we agreed to be auction buddies come next spring when the auction starts up again. (BTW when the auction does start again you will be getting filled in on the goings on every week.  Last year was my first year.  Not only is it addicting to get broccoli at 10 cents a head but you meet and interact with the cream of the crop of the farm world.)  Max is his name and I am looking forward to meeting him.  Though it will have to wait until auction season since he is picking up Franklin on Sunday and I will be out of town.  I have a friend coming over to give Franklin to him.  He told me his auction number 320 so I could find him, I think I have a new friend!

Bad news is I am going to have to say good bye to my sweet baby boy that stinks like a big ole buck!


  1. It is so hard to say goodbye to these 4 legged friends! At least you know he will get to go and meet some new girlfriends at a good new home. We have 2 does that we need to cull from our herd and I just can't seem to do it:))

  2. It is so hard to let them go! I try not to get attached to the bucks (it's easier to let them go when they go into rut and start acting like butts), but sometimes it's impossible. Glad you found him a nice home.


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