Friday, February 5, 2010

A winter storm is a brewin'!!!

My front yard about 2 hours into it and the worst is still on its way.

A winter storm in the past was an inconveiniece. I mean I had places to go, things to do. Now, however, quite the opposite. I just love them! I mean what better excuse to hunker down with the family and cook, play games, watch movies, have a fire going and watch the snow fall?! So when the weather man called for a winter storm starting last night. I was a bit disappointed when I awoke this morning and not a flake had fallen. So we got ready to head out. Fridays are our homeschool Science Co-op days and then theatre class after that. So we are up and running on Friday's. Just before Co-op end though the snow started falling. Theatre was canceled and thankfully Ryan had decided to stay and work from home today so I didn't have to worry about him getting home. It is here, it is here!! Yay! So for the next 2 days we will be homebound. With no other plans than to: make homemade sausage, cheese, butter and pecan sweet rolls, play board games, play in the snow, drink hot cocoa and watch a movie or two. Well besides the chores of course!
In other news. Flower got me scolded yesterday by my elderly neighbor. I have been letting her roam free. She usually sticks close to home and her Mama is just so mean to her. I feel bad making her stay in the goat pen with her. And if you met Flower she would melt your heart too. She is a tiny, sweet little thing. Here is a picture

Anyways Flower was in the neighbors yard which did not go over well. And while she was over here scolding me about the goat she also mentioned that our turkey's ate her tomatoes this summer. Now the turkey's have been dead since the week before Thanksgiving so she must have been stewing on this one for a while now. I don't blame her for her frustrations and I am working up my courage and beating down my pride to bake her a pie or take over some eggs and appologize. Though I feel the only thing that will make her happy at this point is if all of my animals disappeared. So pray that I can do what is right in this situation. Cause my 4 year old told me "it is bad to not want to appologize." Oh BTW I can guarantee my turkeys were not the ones eating her tomatoes. We couldn't force feed them tomatoes. They would lay in the garden box with my tomato plants and not peck at a one of them. My guess is, it was the same tobacco worms that were eating mine.

On a more upbeat note I went into the local Amish bulk food store and they have finished their remodel and it looked great! This is the best store ever! And they almost doubled their size. You would be blown away by the quality and price on their spices. They also have all kinds of fresh baked goodies. I couldn't resist the chocolate whoopie pies today:) Along with a ton of other stuff that makes this place so great.


  1. Your header picture is great! I am assuming that is a miniature horse. I use to raise them and loved every minute of it.

    Stay warm during the storm and enjoy the beauty of it.

  2. Thank you! Yes Snappy is a miniature horse. We have two and we love them to death. Though they think they are a full size horses :)


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