Monday, February 1, 2010


So I have taken a break from the networking mania facebook. Tired of the over abundance of random information spewed out by everyone I know or have ever known. Frustrated by the feeling of obligation to respond to outrageous status'. So instead I have decided to dedicate some of my precious time to my blog. I was inspired by farmer Susan from her blog . I have thoroughly enjoyed reading her blog and often can relate to her farm yard mayhem. So I thought "hey, why not blog my farm yard mayhem"! This is it.

I am first a wife! I am madly in love with my Husband Ryan. Madly is the key word here. There is no one else on this earth that can effect me the way he does. Sometime in a not so good way :0 But either way I love him dearly. He though is by no form of the word a farmer. He "tolerates" and even helps out quite often with our farm but he really only does it because of his love for me not animals or farming.

Next I am Mom! To three bright, beautiful, playful, creative, imaginative, curious little girls. Elaina 6, Macy 4, Kelcie 3. I love these girls and they make every day exciting! They too are very unique and you are sure to hear of them often here.

Then I am a homeschooler! I have chosen to have my children be schooled in the best environment possible in my opinion. What better education than growing up on a farm?!

Lastly a farm/animal lover. I dream to one day own a horse of my own to enjoy and ride. Which is quickly coming to fruition. As of now we have two miniature horses Snappy and Blaze. These are toys for the kids and used for riding, pulling a cart and 4-h. We have 3 pygmy goats. Bubbles she is pregnant, Flower also pregnant and Franklin the culprit of the afore mentioned pregnancies. We hope to see some babies come March. Then I have plans of starting to milk. We also have one bunny Buckwheat and one barn cat Pepper. Also come spring we will for the second year be acquiring turkey chicks to raise for food.

This is me in a nutshell I have over the last year taken gardening, canning, bread baking, cheese making and many other things pretty seriously. I am on a mission to learn and provide better for my family. You will get to experience along with me many of these journeys and learning experiences.

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