Saturday, February 6, 2010

I am not too proud to admit....

that I haven't changed out of my pajamas all day :) I quite enjoyed it actually. Not even when I went outside to take care of the animals and play in the snow. I still sported my very warm fleece pj pants. That is one benefit of living out here. I can do that without fear of getting strange looks from everyone in the neighborhood.

Flower, thinking no way am I going out there! You people are crazy!

The butter I made yesterday that I shaped into a heart! Made with love :)
btw it uploaded upside down and I didn't know how to fix it

Kelcie my 3yr old standing in the path from the house to the barn.

Please can I eat your camera! Please, Please Please!!!

I think the final snow accumulation was about 12 inches but that was not the biggest issue. It was the 40 mph wind that created the real problems. Some places it looked like we got less than an inch where others we had 4 ft high snow drifts. You will see some of the fun they were in the pictures. One drift was right over our 4 ft goat fencing. The kids just loved the fact that they could climb up one side of the snow mound and down the other and be in with the goats.

The drift over the goat fence. If you look in the background you can see a semi that is jackknifed in the road. The roads just were not safe.

Can you tell that these two will be buddies for life!?!

Flower following Kelcie to the barn.

Fun in the snow!
Have a great Sunday! Remember to thank God for all He that He is and all He has done for you.
And being that I live in Inidiana...GO COLTS!!!!!!!!


  1. There are days I stay in my PJs all day, too and I LOVE it! Nothing wrong with that. :)

  2. Ummm....nearly 11:30, and I'm still in my PJ's too! Totally convicted:))) Guilty as charged:)))


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