Monday, October 4, 2010


I feel like I have been placed into the pressure canner to cook and 100 lbs of pressure for 3 weeks.  Longer than something should typically be processed.  Well you know there is only one thing that can happen when under this kind of pressure?  At some point you explode.  Unfortunately for my dear husbands sake he got the brunt of the pressure released on him yesterday.  He has since forgiven me for my outburst and we are fine.  It seems your life at times builds to those moments and for some reason or another you don't handle it the way it should have been and the pressure starts to build.

I won't even go into the things that caused all of this pressure because well it doesn't really matter.  The main part of all of it is that one person can only do so much.  I need to realize this and stop trying to do it all.  Then I need to come to grips with the fact that it is OK not to.  It all started making more sense after irrationally taking out my frustrations on someone.  The words coming out of my mouth I was needing to say.  I just needed to be saying them to myself not someone else.

The pressure as been released and decompression begun.  This week will be dedicated to simplifying my life.  Slowing down and take care of the important things, my husband, my children, and the things that make them happy and healthy.  After all God has told me that is my place.  That is His will for me for this time in my life and where my focus is supposed to be.  All the other stuff is just that, stuff. Not necessarily good or bad just not my priority.

So that is what the next few weeks will be for me, decopressing.  Learning again to simplify my life.  Laugh more, stress less and embrace these amazing people God has put in my life.


  1. Oh dear, Superwoman syndrome caught up with you. Take a deep breath, have a cup of tea and sit in the sun for a while.

  2. It sounds like Wisdom has spoken to your heart. Simplifying is good. Each day is precious with those the most important in your life. Be sure to take care of you so you can take care of them. :D


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