Sunday, April 18, 2010

Our fence is done!

This is my new veiw from my back yard!  It is gorgeous!  I now need to take a new picture for my blog of the hammock since the veiw is so dramatically changed.  We had about 2 1/2 acres fenced in.  Our sad excuse for a pature is the reason that I have not owned a horse up until the point.  It could barely keep in my miniatures.  My new horsey could step over it.  So we have been saving and waiting for 6 years to be able to put this up.  So my dream could finally come to fruition.  So here it is.  Most of it is high tensile except the section that runs along our back yard.  The reason we did that are those 3 little ones that will spend part of every day doing just what they are doing here.  Hanging over the fence loving them some horsey.

Me and two of my girlies.  The other one is taking the picture.


  1. Thou shall not covet that blog ladies fence:)))) I love wooden horse fences! It is still only a dream here! Congrats~ and what cute kiddos to be hanging off of it! We have a series of black and white pics, and pics of everybody in jeans, boots, and red shirts from our old house that did have a wooden horse fence~ so cute and so many posing possibilities:)))


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