Thursday, April 1, 2010

Say CHEESE...goat cheese that is!

If you didn't read my milking story you may benefit from going back and taking a look at my last post.  Then you can fully understand the effort that has gone into making this cheese.  My first attempt at making homemade goat cheese was a success. 

Now I have a culture that I purchased a while back to make Chevere but there is a process in preparing the culture that I have yet to attempt.  So I just went with the easiest with what I had on hand and ready to go.  So I made crumbly quick cheese made with apple cider vinegar.

                            This is what you start with
                                2 quarts goats milk
                                digatal thermometer
                                2 T apple cider vinegar

First you enlist some super duper adorable little helpers. And stir until the milk reaches 180 degrees.  Making sure the milk doesn't scorch.

Next turn off heat and stir in 2 Tablespoons of apple cider vinegar.  So easy  a child could do it :)


Strain in a cheesecloth lined colander and tie corners together and hang or I use my jelly strainer.  Let sit until it stops dripping.
Salt or season to taste and eat! Next time I am going to mix in sundried tomatoes and basil. I pressed it into a tuperware container to get a desired shape.  You could leave it loose as crumbles.  It is good in the refridgerator for a week.  Good luck with it lasting that long :)


  1. Very cool!! How did it taste? Do you add any salt? I sure wish I could still eat dairy because I love cheese.

  2. Hats off to the Chefs! I can see them opening a "goat cheese stand".

  3. awesome job Amy! The end result is beautiful. I've never had goat cheese before. I'll have to try it.

  4. What a great, simple recipe! I will have to try it.....soon!

  5. Awesome!! Looks so easy too! I have tried several batches of mozzarella and most failed but the ones that didn't were perfect! Go figure?? I am excited to have more milk coming in this year to be able to make more cheese and I will surely try this recipe!!

    Can I borrow your little helpers??


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