Sunday, April 11, 2010

Steady Smiler

It is happening!  It is really really happening!  It is almost hard to believe that this dream that I have dreamed for so many years is actually coming true.  I was so anxious.  My stomach was filled with butterflies and my mind with anxious question.  Is this the one?  Will it really happen today?  Am I just dreaming?  About a two hour drive to get to my destination.  I pulled up to a farm(hint,hint) so I could see this dream for the very first time.

Do you have it figured out yet?  What is this dream you ask?  Owning my very own thoroughbred!!  And the sight was gorgeous!  He was a 17 HH gelding named Steady Smiler.  He retired in December last year from the race track.  His disposition is so sweet.  After riding him for about twenty minutes I could tell that he was as docile as an old dog.  So I let my very anxious little girls get on and I walked them around.  

This horse has a pretty cool history.  He is ten years old.  So he had a pretty long career.  In that career he won hundreds of thousands all over the world.  I was reading over his racing papers.  It is a list of all the races that he has won.  He has taveled more than I have.  I just think it is pretty cool.

He is being delivered on Tuesday or Wednesday and I CANNOT wait.  Luckily I am so insanely busy around here I probably won't even have time to really think about it.  But beleive you, me when he gets here no one will probably see or hear from me for weeks.  While I bask in the wonderfulness of my new friend.

So as I said his name is Steady Smiler this is his track name.  But that is not what we will call him around the farm.  So now we need to come up with the perfect name.  Any of you have any suggestions?  He is a dark brown (liver chestnut) and a gentle giant.  And this is this the only picture we got of him.  Not the greatest but don't worry you will get to see enough pictures of him soon you will be sick of it :)

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