Friday, April 16, 2010

Our first ride together!

Here he is!  He has been here since Tuesday morning.  I lunged him Wednesday to see how he would do.  He did well.  He is VERY alert which made me nervous.  I have ridden thouroughbreds, specifically race horses that have been very alert which in turn made them incredibly spooky.  So I wasn't sure about getting on him.  Riding used to be the thing I did most in my life.  What I lived to do.  But life has taken me on a differnt path.  A path that didn't allow me to do this thing that I loved for many many years.  So I am very out of practice and very out of shape.  So the idea of getting up on a 17 hand race horse was a bit unnerving. 
This is Steady checking out the cows across the street.  Like I said he is alert.
What I quickly found out was that he is a dream to ride!!!  Not spooky and totally safe.  Nothing to fear...well expect my ability to stay on :)  He did what I asked.  Moved forward when I wanted him to stopped when I wanted him to.  And he didn't mistake my arena for a race track!!

We had a wonderful ride!

He is such a good boy.

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  1. Be still my heart! What a great first ride! He is beautiful... and you look absolutely smitten:))) So happy for you!


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