Saturday, April 24, 2010

Some bonding, a tackroom, a coldframe. aspargus, fruiit trees, looking forward to rain!

I have to appologize in advance for the lack of photographic input.  I have been so overwhelmed with all the work around here that I have neglected to have my camera at arm reach at all times.  So if you can bear to read with no visual stimulation then kudos to you  ;).

First, bonding

The honeymoon phase with my new horse was nearly jeopordized by his pushy antics.  He for no other reason than ,he can, thought it a good idea to see how much he could get away with, with me.  The last straw was when I tied him and he threw his head and snapped the clip on the lead line.  So after some wonderful advice I decided to settle this matter.  But I knew that would take time.  Time has been in very short supply around here lately.  Wednesday I had a couple hours so I decided to take on this battle of the wills.  I was a bit skeptical that it was gonna work quickly but here we go.  I took him to his stall and attempted to tie him.  He acted like his normal self ancy and pushy self.  So immediatly took him out to lunge him and worked him until he was ready to listen.  Only about 15 minutes. Then back to the stall.  It took 3 times of this and it was like magic.  His attitude was 100% different.  He stood quietly while I groomed him and it was wonderful and encouraging that we were getting along.  I did the same thing on Friday and it only took lunging once!  Then we had a fantastic ride!!!  Oh it was glorious!  He was really listening to me and I even had the chance to figure out some of his cues.  Oh I cannot explain how wonderful our ride was.

Second, a tackroom.

My hardworking farmboy (AKA my husband) went out to the barn and built me racks for my saddles and saddle pads.  So now I have a bonafide tackroom!

Third, a coldframe.

We have this pile of wood that we salvaged from a platform we tore down in our barn.  Farmboy has been busy repurposing this wood into garden boxes.  Well we have two windows that are hanging around our barn from some reason or another.  Today he made me a small coldframe with some of the wood and windows!  I am so blessed to have such a willing handy man that is always up for yet another project at my request.

Fouth, asparagus.

Recieved my 25, 1 year old aspargus roots in the mail this week.  We finally got them into two garden boxes (made out of repurposed wood) on Friday.  Just before the rain was supposed to arrive.

Fifth, fruit trees.

We also recieved one rainier cherry, one stella cherry and one contender peach tree this week.  We got them planted too.  We put all this into the same area of our property.  I decided to put all of my "permanent" fruits and veggies in one area.  OCD much ;).  So the fruit trees, aspargus, blueberry and raspberry plants will make up the area.

Last, looking forward to rain.

And can you see why?  All of this has been wearing me to the bone.  I have more than once this week considered getting on my horse and keep on riding....  But I am still here.  Me and my neglected housework and laundry pile.  Rain, God's way of making people like me take a break.


  1. Horses being beautiful and magistic can also be full of attitude. If they know they can get by with something and they do, then they will. My daughters horse has tested her a few times and has won.When she(the horse)is done riding she would lay down. My daughter would of course jump off and run. Then Sugar would get up and go to the barn, that's when I stepped in. I am no expert, but get me rowled up and it is on. I went to the barn. got her and took her for a good ride. Now all she has to do is see me coming and she gets a new attitude.But I still never turn my back or let my guard down, she still gets a little testy.

  2. I can't wait to see the pics of all your hard work! Good for you to handle those little horse issues before they get to be big ones. Sounds like you have a smart horse there!

    How do you use your cold frame? For hardening new plants?? I have been interested in a cold frame or greenhouse but am not sure just how much I would use them, or just how to use them up here in WI.

    We planted lots of fruit trees and berry bushes over the last couple of years and are now starting to see them get established. It will be wonderful to have as much fruit as green beans and tomatoes one day:)))


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