Sunday, May 2, 2010

Our trip: day 1 Kentucky back roads.

We started out on I-75 blazing down the road and making great time.  Which is all fine and good but have you ever seen the movie "Cars"?  Yes, I am talking about the one with all the talking cartoon cars.  Well in that movie it talks about the old forgotten almost ghost towns that are off the beat path but were once pretty happening places.  In my opinion the best way to travel is to get off the interstate and go the road less traveled. (Come to think of it that is kind of the way I live my life).  Anyways, so part way into Kentucky I convinced the Boss to forgo speeds pushing 80 and take the next exit to nowhere. 

I will not lie it does take some adjusting of the mindset from the modern, get where you are going as fast as you can attitude.  To life is more about the trip than the destination!  But when we found ourselves smack dab in the middle of Daniel Boone national forest.  Somewhere amongst the winding roads, rocky cliffs and waterfalls we lost any sense of where we were going and were loving right where we were.  I think there is a life lesson somewhere in here.  Oh it was beautiful!  We were exploring and discovering something new with each bend in the road.  Maybe not JUST like Daniel Boone but cool none the less.  And I am sure you can imagine  what the kids were feeling looking out into these forests with trees and rocks everywhere you turn and very little evidence of human presence anywhere.  We talked about bears and mountains, waterfalls and trees.  If it hadn't been pouring down rain we would have pitched our tent and slept amongst the bears.  Unfortunately, we risked the chance of floating away if we would have done that.

So this was day one of the 7 day trip through 9 states.  The best part is the adventures have just begun!

I promise there will be pictures to come.  I guess I got so caught up in the moment taking a picture didn't cross my mind.  I will do better, promise!


  1. 7 days....9 states!!! Have a great trip!! How fun:))) I still remember our family vacations in the back of the station wagon with my 4 sisters and parents before the days of car TV's and hand held video games. You are making lot's of good memories for your kiddos!

  2. I would die on that long of a car trip LOL. Have fun!

    Oh and I won't be gone forever. I saved everyone's blogs that I used to follow and maybe in the winter when there's nothing to do outside I'll be back to read them again. :)


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