Sunday, May 9, 2010

Vacation day 2: Cumberland falls, KY

Did I mention that this is not the way our vacation was supposed to be?  Ok let me rephrase, this is exactly what our vacation was supposed to be but it is not what I had planned.  Sometimes I wonder if God just chuckles while He watches me working on all of these plans that He knows are not going to work out.  Day 1 we were supposed to be at the Kentucky Derby but it was rainy and cool.  We were also suppose to be camping but again it was raining.  Day 2 we were supposed to be in Chattanooga.  Haha like I said not what I had planned.

Also though I was away and not able to post.  Blogging was not far from my mind and with my handy dandy notebook (hahaha..if you have toddlers you know where that saying is from).  But my notebook is not a blue paper one shaped like a dog paw.  Mine is new and red and my Ryan bought for me a couple weeks ago.  So I keeped it close by and wrote about each day on our vacay.

So now on to day 2

We stopped for the night at the Cumberland Inn. It is a beautiful hotel at a very reasonable price.

 We woke up and the Boss took the kiddos to the pool for about 3 hours. Which meant peace and quiet for me, now that is what I call vacation! Then we packed up and made the decision against the weather mans advice to head back to the waterfall that we found in the rain on day 1. The rain was supposed to start by 1 pm and we reached the falls about 12:45. What the weather man did not foresee was that on the way we asked Macy (5) to pray that God would keep the rain away so we could see the waterfall.

 We not only saw the falls but we got to explore the trails for about 2 hours.

Why we all should think a little more about reducing, reusing and recycling.  Such gorgeous beauty God has created that man has tainted.

My wonderful husband and my sweet Macy.
The sights we saw were just overwhelming with the awesomeness of God.
I loved this tree

If you have ever had a shoe come up missing you really need to go look at the Cumberland river.  I think this must be where they all end up.

We drove lots of these winding roads.
 And guess what? On our way back to the car the rain started. Macy asked us why we always ask her to pray, I think it is pretty obvious why. The beauty we saw in this entire area is some of God’s greatest handiwork. It was just amazingly beautiful. This rain that I speak of some of you may have heard about on the T.V. We were driving right through the heart of these flood causing rains. God has His hand over us though and brought us through safely.

Then we were on the road headed to Chattanooga.

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  1. What a great testimony to God answering our prayers:)) Fabulous photos~ especially the hotel (wow!!) I was imagining us hillbillies and all of our kiddos walking in to a place like that. And I love the one of your husband hanging (swinging) on the tree!! It just makes you wonder where the kids come up with all this stuff, don't you??hehehe


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