Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My kitchen was featured on another blog!

I am so excited that my kitchen was featured on Down to Earth.  If you want to see the post look here.  I have loved this series.  You get to see kitchens from all over the world.


  1. Hi, Amy!
    I am here via Down to Earth, and *love* your blog! It sounds like you and I live very similar lifestyles--although your homestead is bigger and further along than ours is--in a few years we'll be where you are now. I'll read through your posts and see what I can learn :) We homestead, and will be homeschooling (my oldest is only 3, so not "official" HS'ers yet)
    I also really like your list of other blogs on your profile...I'll have to take a look through them, it looks like you've found some good ones :)

  2. yep! I followed down to earth over here, too. Do you really do once a month cooking? My friend got me the book, but we never actually did it!!


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