Sunday, May 30, 2010

Vacation day 4: Leesburg, AL

I LOVE camping, Mama!
Why don’t we camp more? After Chattanooga we drove into Alabama and found a campsite on Weiss lake in Leesburg. We pitched our tent about 5 ft from the water.

We had a campfire and made smores though I did make my own variation of the smore. Instead of using a hershey bar you put a reeses peanutbutter cup on it. It is pretty yum yum.

You are a smore making champ when you can roast marshmallows while eating your smore

We  (oh and by we I really mean my wonderful husband :) woke up and cooked bacon and eggs for breakfast. Which sounds way easier than it really was. We had packed a coleman camping stove but realized when we were there that it did not work. So Ryan had to start a fire using the wood that I insisted he douce with water the night before …oops. He did it though just like any real man could.

 It was very tasty and good hearty breakfast to start the day.

Good morning little campers.
We also realized how unprepared we really were for camping.  But you live and learn. I now have a list of what we need for next time. But we made due and everything turned out just great. We usually camp once a year but it is with my whole family and my mom is usually the prepared one of the bunch.  I guess she has spoiled me a bit.

We packed up and were back on the road headed to Mobile, AL. What I realized though was that we really love camping and we should do it more often.

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  1. Looks like fun! In my first life, my BIL was the breakfast guy. He liked to do and and we loved eating it!


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