Monday, September 13, 2010

Horse crazed

I am fully preoccupied with my horses.  I just can't seem to help it.  I am going about my regular tasks all the while thinking about, next time I get to ride, I wonder if Steady needs his feet done, I really should work with Lily, maybe me and Elaina can ride later...and it goes on and on.

So my blog then is seeming to be dominantly occupied by horsey posts. 

I have mildly decided that since I posted an add on craigslist trying to sell Lily hasn't gotten any responses, that I am going to turn her into a little eventing pony.  She will be great with the dressage end of it.  I will have to see, though, if she is capable of the cross country/jumping end of it.  I have started with lunging.  I will be doing ALOT of lunging for a long time and that is how we will start.  When I deem her ready I will try lunging her with Elaina on her back.  I don't know how soon that will happen though.  We will just see how it goes.

Now on to Steady, he is just a dream.  I am happy, excited, thrilled, elated to announce I believe he is FINALLY starting to put on some weight!!  At least I think he is.  It is something kind of hard to gauge because you never see a huge jump over night.  It is slooooooow and so you can't always see a difference, but he is looking a little less ribby. 
I am loving how soft he is in he mouth.  He is really moving into the bit and now we are working on bending to the right (common issue with OTTB's.  They only run to the left at the track) and trying to even him out with his balance.  He is just a dream to ride.

I took a friend riding yesterday evening.  It was her first time on a horse.  She rode Moonlight and he was a good boy for her.  He has a tendacy to be a bit stubborn, especially if he knows you don't have the control.  But it was over all a good experience for a first ride.

Now horses is by far not all I am up to but horses are the therapy to get me through some of the other stuff.

School is in full force.  We have to take the time everyday to get our lessons done.  Not always an easy thing to do.

I am opening up our property in October and starting a pumpkin patch.  So I am overwhelmed with trying to get everything in order for that.  But that is an entirely different post.

That is it for now.  Sorry for being so choppy in my thoughts but this is how I end the days.  Mind racing, heart full and thoughts jumbled.  It all


  1. LOL I'm the same as you with the horses. Ever since I combined all of my blogs I noticed I was only posting about Chrome so I had to start forcing myself to post about other things. :) Horses are just the best thing ever lol.

    I'm glad Steady is putting weight on. Are you feeding him beet pulp? It always helped put weight on my hard keepers.

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  3. If Lily is the Halflinger, heck yes they can jump! Have you looked to see if there is a nearby Pony Club for Elaina? Pony Club rocks for education for young uns equine education. You and I would have DIED to have been able to participate. Lee Ann sponsors regular pony club events at CAF for this area. I am such a help, aren't I? ha!

  4. I'd love to hear more about your pumpkin patch! I hope it does really well for you!


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