Tuesday, September 21, 2010


What is the deal?  I was already having a not so good day.  I go out to take a ride because it is my therapy on days like this.  I always finish on cloud nine.  Well NOT today, Steady had other plans in mind.  I rode a horse today.  He was in my pasture and looked like my horse.  He was a pretty reddish brown with a star on his head and a funny little non-commited snippet on his nose. 

 I could have sworn he was my horse.  So I tacked up and he was as quite as a lamb.  His head was low as I brushed him and was practically taking a nap by the time I was ready to head to the arena.  The first sign was when he refused to walk out to the arena.  He sometimes stops but after a second moves forward, not today.  Kelcie comes up to me and says "Mama are you gonna wide(ride in Kelcinese)"  "Yes sweetie I am", "Are you gonna wun(run)", "no, I am not gonna run".  "Can I wide with you?", "ok but just for a little bit".  So I pulled her up and we walked around, no problem.  Then it was time to start working, he has had 3 days off sans the chiro.  After about 10 minutes the pony ride ride time was over so I plopped Kelcie to the ground. 

That is when it all started going down hill and I think Steady's evil twin appeared.  He was HOT to say the least.  Any leg pressure was sending him into a canter.  I am talking about leg pressure to get him to bend.  Something we have done a thousand times and whooops canter.  I could barely hold him back.  And if you have never ridden a racehorse I will tell you now that is not a good feeling.  You know the power behind that bit and it is not a force to be taken lightly.  And it is not like he has been off of the track all that long.  It has only been 9 months since his last race.  I hate pulling and pulling on his mouth.  I hate it, but what are your options when the boy won't take the hint to slooooow down.  So we troted and trotted and trotted.  It soon became appearant that this energy was not quickly dying.  Though he did become a LITTLE more under control. 

We cantered to the right with little problem.  He was high strung but controlable.  Then to the left, not so much.  He started in and then started drifting way out to the side, cantering sideways.  I used some outside leg to try to get him to turn and move forward and....then.....wait...for.....it..........the....RODEO began!!!  Ahhhh you butt head what are you thinking.  This horse has not once ever bucked on me.  That is why I am thinking that someone switched out my sweet fun to ride liver chestnut.  This was the closest I have come to falling off in well at least 15 years.  I wasn't really that close.  My feet didn't even make it out of the stirrups and I was thrown off balance some but relatively kept it together.  Pulled him to a stop then headed straight to the barn.  He was very happy to see that he got what he wanted.  Little did he know that the only reason we were headed that way was to get the dreaded lunge line.  Back to the arena we went and I put him to work.  I wasn't going to stop until I was confident he was prepared to listen.  Let me tell you he can handle ALOT of work and it not even phase the boy.  So not willing to let my children go without dinner I knew he was gonna outlast me with that energy of his. 

I decided to get back on and make sure he knew that behavior was not going to be rewarded by getting off easy.  We trotted a bit then picked up the canter.  It was a little to the side but not nearly as bad.  Around again and again after about the 5th time he went around nicely and we were done.  Even as I was trying to cool him out he was just speed walking.  What is wrong with my boy.

Well I think it probably has something to do with 3 days off.  We will have a talk with the chiro about 3 full days off.  But I think I know the true culprit to the sudden surge of energy.  I recently upped his feed to 15lbs a day of equine senior.  And no I didn't up it all at once it has been gradual for the past few months.  It is supposed to be a cool energy feed but still I think 15lbs a day of any feed could get to you.  I just don't know what to do.  He is finally starting to put on a little weight for the first time since I owned him.  I am sick of seeing him skinny.  I don't want him to be fat, just healthy and healthy looking.  So I up his feed to fatten him up and at the same time make him loco.  Do I really have to choose: skinny or loco???


  1. hehehe. The real, "I'm Superman!" Steady shows up. Good food, back feels better, cooler weather, windy. I'm Superman! Glad he didn't do this during the kiddie ride. My guy is quiet, and I still lunge before I get on.

  2. Oh I hope this isn't the real Steady :( I am sure he is feeling good but he is not safe like that. I would lunge him if I thought that there was even a chance he would have been like that. My Steady has always been quiet and willing. He always right off the bat is this way. Soft in the bit and easy to ride. I just hope this doesn't become the pattern. I don't know that I can deal with that on a daily basis. Yesterdays ride was mildly better but he really had the same resistence and energy. I skipped cantering and have decided that cantering will be put on the back burner for as long as it takes to get past this. I mean if I am having a hard time holding him back at the trot then we don't need to go any faster. It feels as if all the progress we have been making over the past months was erased in a matter of days :( it's disheartening. I could also put a jam in my plans for November :(

  3. It's a phase. The new, feeling good, healthy Steady. I'd trot too, and then just a few canter strides in two point and back to a trot. Lots of up and down transtions so he learns to use those freed up muscles and train his brain to listen even while feeling better. Don't panic, your trainer will help.


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