Saturday, September 11, 2010

Excited might be an understatment.

I went to my first horse show that I have been to in like 15 years.  Well I didn't take my horse or anything, but still I had fun.  Actually I have never been to an eventing show whatsoever.  I went to check out what it was all about, and, I, love, it!  I can't wait to take Steady!  The bigget thing I walked away with was the confidence that, I can do it!  They start all the way at "Green as Grass" and go up.  Now that is my kind of show.  We won't have to start at green as grass but we will begin with the "Starters" group.  They had cross country courses that ranged from small 6 in high logs on the ground to BIG jumps.  I learned so much.  The people were so nice and are not snobby at all.

I met up with a fellow OTTB owner and friend.  She and her horse are kind of in the same place as me and Steady so we are going to start showing together.  How fun to have a show buddy!!! 

So listen to this I was asked to help judge at the next jumping show!  It is all so exciting!  I am so excited to learn about judging.  You may ask if I am qualified to jump, well not technically but I think I will be able to catch on quick.  I mean I did spend 7 years showing and training in the hunter jumper discipline. 

So the scheduele of events; September 25th my first small fun show in 15 years that I will actually be riding in, October 10th my first judging experience at a jumper show, November 13th my first EVER  cross country/dressage show.  oooooh I cannot restrain my total excitement to be fullfilling this dream that I thought would be just that a dream.  It is coming to life thanks to this amazing OTTB that is in my back yard!


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