Monday, March 29, 2010

Decisions decisions...whats your opinion???

I am getting a horse!  I am getting a horse!  I haven't had a horse of my own to ride since I was 15!!  Before that I was a very serious competitor in our local hunter/jumper circut.  I ate, slept, lived and breathed riding.  A series of events took me from it though.  One of which was being sent to bording school where they didn't let you off of the property let alone have horses.  But that in it of it self is a whole other topic.  So I love, love, love to ride english hunter/jumper.  That is where my passion for horses was develouped into full blown obsession :).  I do enjoy a relaxing ride in an western saddle but it just does not pose the same physical challange that I so enjoy.  That being said, I am a mother of 3 now.  With LOTS of responsibilities.  I could't afford to break an arm or a leg falling off of  a green horse and I don't seem to bounce the way I did when I was a kid.  So I want a fairly well broke horse.

I have 3 little girls who love animals and my 6 year old LOVES horses and riding.  I am assuming at least 2 if not all 3 of my girls will love horses as I do.  As they are so young they need a VERY well broke horse to make mommy feel comfortable.  I do have the miniatures but after about 6/7 the kids have out grown them.

Here is my question: Do I go out and purchase my dream horse, finally doing one thing that may be a tad bit selfish on my part, so that I can fullfill this dream of mine??  Or do I make a comprimise for my families sake and get a horse that the entire family can enjoy and that my daughter could use in 4-H?

I want to start looking for my horse but I have put it off because of this one question.  I guess I don't know where to start looking.  So let me have your advice.  What would you do in this situation?



  1. Wow! That's a tough one. If you can only have one horse I would try to find a happy medium (because you're right you can't afford to get hurt). Find something well broke, sane and very athletic (for your hunters and their 4H). Remember if it's a good horse size doesn't matter. Sometimes the bigger horses are safer than the ponies (not always, but sometimes). Now unfortunately finding such a horse may be very difficult! Good horses can sometimes be very hard to find. I hope I've helped and I wish you luck on your search.

  2. Safety is always the first issue. Then I think it's important to remember that we, mothers, tend to give and give of ourselves without regard to what it's costing us. The key to being able to keep on giving is to take care of ourselves as well.

    For me that would translate to don't give up what you need in the selection of a horse for the sake of what the kids might need. It will cost both you and the kids in the long run if you do.

  3. Try your local animal shelter. There are many here that have been abandoned to them due to the economy. If no luck there you might find one for free on craigslist. My daughter just bought a horse from her local FFA chapter. It had been expected to sell that the auction in Ocala for @ least two grand but with the economy he did not sell. She was able to purchase a thoroughbred horse for 100.00 yup..100. He was only 9 months old so he will need to be broke but she is enjoying learning how to do all the things it takes to raise him. She was also given a horse last year that is broke from a lady who could no longer afford her.


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