Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Starting seeds

This will be my first year starting seeds of any kind for my garden.  I planted my broccoli yesterday and today I planted stevia(which I am so excited about BTW).  Soon to follow will be tomatos, artichokes, peppers and more! 
How exciting right? I mean it is just dirt.  But  if you are a gardener you can appreciate this.  Cause in a few short months this will be food on the table.


  1. From one gardner to another I understand your excitement! Starting seeds is on our list for the next couple of weeks too! I was thinking about starting Stevia also~ have you ever grown it or used it??

  2. I know right!? My broccoli srouts popped up today! As for stevia no I have not. My friend did last year and I tried some. It is remarkably sweet. They were expensive little seeds. It says it is also good to grow in pots so I am going to try it indoors and out.


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