Thursday, March 25, 2010

No pictures just a rant :)

After commenting on a post by Handmade Homeschool I realized how good it felt to get out all these frustrating feelings that I have been overwhelmed with these past few weeks.  I can't say I can pin point any specific thing that has put me in this rut.  All I know is I am in it and am having a hard time finding my way out.  There is really nothing wrong but it feels like nothing is quite right either.  I am just bombarded with resposibilities right now.  A to do list a mile long.   I am doing a hundred things at once and not doing any of them well.  10 people wanting something from me and I really don't feel like doing any of them.  I just want to stay home and do school with my girls.  Sit read them books and learn together. But it seems that school is the one thing that is not getting done.  That itself I am not real concerned with because I have no intention of stopping school over the summer so we will have plenty of time to do the neccessary work.  But I still want to be doing it.

I guess I don't see an end in sight.  I expected this feeling to hit more in the winter months and not when the temperatures have been in the 60's and sunny.  That itself is usually all the motivation I need.  It is this list.  You know the mile long one I mentioned earlier. 

Clean out stalls(and they are very bad. Because I couldn't get the barn door open to clean them out for over a month since it was frozen shut)
get into a milking scheduele
all these little babies animals depending on me to make sure they are fed and warm
spring cleaning
starting seeds
tending to my seedlings
planting in the garden
cut down trees
rent a stump grinder
find someone to till and plant the pasture
the moms group I am in charge of and all that entails

And that is not to mention the regular chores of taking care of all the animals, cooking, shopping, bills, kids and school.  This alone is a full time job.  All the rest is...well...overwhelming.

I am by no means trying to complain.  I love my life and wouldn't change it for the world.  This is just a season and yes it shall pass.  I am just hoping it passes quickly and smoothly and a bit easier on my nerves.

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