Wednesday, March 10, 2010

So so much going on around here

There is so much going on around here that I dare anyone to keep up.  Each of these thing could really take up an entire post of it's own but honestly I just do not have the energy mental or physical to do that.  So this is as good as it is gonna get. 

Last night I was up late worrying about my enormously pregnant goat.  She was panting.  Something she has never done.  I was affraid of an infection so I, with the help from my friend, took her temp.  Ha I will spare you the details on that one!  It was within normal range so that put my mind at ease.  I guess I will chalk it up to being so big and pregnant which leaves less room for lungs.  It wouldn't surprise me if we had twins or triplets by weeks end.

Right now I am boiling down our maple sap.  We got about 4 gallons from one tree.  We tapped two.  I don't know why but one of the trees didn't give anything.  This was such a cool experience and tomorrow morning we will have waffles with homemade butter and homemade maple syrup.  I think that is pretty cool.  I am thankful for this life I get to live and enjoy.

Also today I had about 7 women and lots of kids come over to have a seed share.  It went great!  We shared some seeds, food, some tips, and other good conversation. 

The mud has officially taken over and has caused some problems but also lots of fun for the kids!  The weather though, is WONDERFUL!!  We are down to our last little pile of snow in the yard.

I also did the first planting of the year!!!!  Well outdoors.  I have already started seeds indoors but I am getting to utilize my cold frame and have planted; spinach, lettuce and swiss chard.  I was also wanting to plant sugar snap peas but I realized I bought a vining variety and I do not want to trelis them so I now need to go buy more seeds.

Tomorrow I host our monthly MOPS planning meeting.  Then off to pick up hay....why?  Because we are out again.  I love these animals but man, they eat alot!  Then a nap....hahaha...just seeing if you were paying attention.  There will be none of that.  Then we are having a local amish man come out to give us an estimate on fencing!

I have also had the joy of hosting my friend and her 2 kids this week.  It has been great to have them around to join in some of the fun around here!


  1. The seed swap sounds like fun!

    I hope your goats kids safely. Mine are due soon, but they're living with my parents because they aren't safe at my house (stupid neighbor kids), so I will miss the kidding and I'm very anxious about it!

    Also a question on the cold frame. Does it keep the bugs out? I love growing fresh lettuce but it seems like they always get nibbled on. Thanks for any info!

  2. Hey there, I don't know how but I missed this comment completely until now. Thanks for the well wishes with the kidding. I really hope all goes well also. I am kind of nervous about the prospect of having to step in.

    As for the cold frame I dont' know much about it yet. this is the first time I have used one so it is all a learning experience. You know though I bet if you put a screen over the top that it would help with the bug issues. That may be something I try out this summer.


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