Thursday, March 18, 2010

A lesson in prayer.

Listening to my little Macy (5) pray is a joy to my heart.  Her eagerness to talk to God is inspiring.  I guess that is why God says suffer not the little children to come to me.  They are so honest and so pure and full of faith that they can talk to God in a way I often forget to.  She has a wonderful way with words and it makes my heart so happy to hear her small little voice talk to a huge God with so much confidence.

Some of her prayers

" Dear Jesus thank you for my family.  Thank you that you gave everyone a family.  My Mommy is sad today please help her to feel better.  Please help us to be good so she can have a better day.  Please help my Nana to feel better and thank you for healing her so good.  Thank you for all of the different people that you made.  Thank you that you gave us pets." 

And they go on and on.  Everyday multiple times a day she prays these prayers.  It amazes me and encourages me.  What advantage at life this child will have to know how to come to the throne of The Most High and talk to Him?  Thank you God for this small person you have sent to my life.  She is a joy to her mother!

I know who I need to go to when I need an answer to prayer.  How could God say no to that sweet little voice :).

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  1. Great picture! I remember our son at age 5 prayed constantly. He was certainly our little prayer warrior. What a blessing children are:))They will rise up and call you blessed Mother for giving of yourself to raise them in a Godly home.


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