Thursday, March 25, 2010

We have babies!!

I haven't posted a blog update because my computer was not reading my camera card.  Which means I couldn't post pictures and what is a blog enty without pictures?

Sunday afternoon I noticed Flower (our pygmy goat) seemed to be showing signs of labor.  I watched her for a while and when not much was happening I went inside.  A few hours later I returned to find flower had delivered and her baby was dead in her pen.  Ugh my heart was broken.  It was a good sized baby.  I was so frustrated that I wasn't out there and maybe could had prevented the death.  It was heart breaking.  More frustrating because I have no idea why it happened.  I don't know if it was still born.  If she struggled to deliver and it died during delivery or if she maybe didn't clean it off fast enough this being her first baby.  These questions huant me. 

I then got my husband to dispose of the baby.  I stayed out in the barn to watch Flower for a while to make sure she was doing ok.  Besides heart broken that her baby was gone she seemed to be fine.  As I was sitting there I noticed Bubbles acting very strange.  Pawing at the ground.  Are you kidding me both are going to deliver on the same night!!?  Sure enough not much longer and Bubbles starts pushing.  Out comes #1 quickly after #2 and #3.  She had triplets again. 
                                                            Moments after delivery. 
Just taking a break after a long trip.

Amazing how within moments they are searching for food.

Besideds a little help clearing the sack from their faces I let her do her job and what a great job she does.  Then it occured to me to see how things would go if I put Flower in there to help clean and nurse them.  So I did.  They all got along great.  It helped fill that loss for Flower and gave a busy mama some help.  I sat up until about 3am making sure everyone was warm and dry for the night.  Since it did happen to be the coldest nastiest night we have had in weeks.  She delivered one male and two females.

Flower reaching in to help out.

The next morning I noticed that Bubbles had returned to her normal self and did not like having Flower in her pen.  So I took her out and pulled out one of the babies that seemed to be attatched to her and gave it to Flower to mother.  They got along so wonderfully and Flower could not be happier to have a baby.  So a happy ending to a sad start.  

Flowers and her little adopted baby.
They are starting to dry up a bit

Now what to do, what to do?  I have already had a phone call from someone wanting two of them as soon as they are ready.  They are coming out today to look at them.  I think it may just be their new adorablness but I can't even think about selling them yet.  Though I know things will change when I am paying to feed 5 goats.  So I know I need to get rid of atleast two but I am not able to part with them mentally yet.

Everyone dried off and snuggled in for the night.

Just wanted to share the birth story.  I hope you enjoy the pictures of the fluffy little babies.
Here they are the next morning all fluffy and playful.
If you haven't seen a pygmy baby.  Especially ones that are tiplets than you can't understand how tiny they really are.  They are smaller than my cat.
And oh so adorable.


  1. They are so cute! What a great end to a sad story. One of our first time does lost her baby this spring, too. She has gladly adopted all of the others (especially one) and has become their surrogate mother when the other does get separated for the night. It has worked out good for everybody involved. It is hard to see those cute little babies go to new homes:)

  2. Adorable! We have one pygmy and he turned 2 this spring. The girls are wanting to get another one, and If I don't quit looking at all of these cute pictures, I think I will give in.Now I want one.

  3. They are sooooo cute!! I forget how fuzzy the pygmies come out lol. I have a pygmy doe that I rescued and we bred her to our Kiko buck. I can't wait to see what her kids look like. We have a guy wanting a kid as a pet for his grandchildren that they can bottle feed. I'm not looking forward to selling one that young, but this guy is responsible and experienced so I try not to worry too much. :)

  4. Thanks everyone. They did come out to pick out the ones they wanted. It does make it easier knowing they are going to a good home. And yes pygmy are hard to resist. Especially if you get a sweet one. If you do give in I know someone you can get one from ;)


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