Saturday, March 27, 2010

Next step on my journey to getting a horse.

Step one was get get all the projects that were more pressing done first.  Which were many.  They all took money and energy.  We try to do as much as we can ourselves.  Which usually takes less money but more time. Both resouces of which are in short supply around here.  So all in all this step has taken from the time we moved in, to now.  About 5 1/2 years.  Ahhh patience is a virtue, one I often don't emulate but in this matter I think I showed a great deal of patience if I do say so myself.

Then during the winter my husband built a stall.  Now if you know anything about me or my farm you may wonder why I say I don't have a horse.  Since I clearly have 3 "horses" right now.  These are miniatures and one is a yearling halflinger, also a small horse.  So my fencing and stall space has been sufficient for these "horses".  When I say horse I mean one I can get on and ride for pleasure without my feet dragging on the ground and the poor animal grunting.  So the stall my hubby built was a big stall.  One suitable for a full sized horse!

The next step is to put in a fence.  We are so close.  We have the money and we are on the scheduele for the fence company.  The trick is this is an amish business.  If you don't know much about amish you may have an ideal in your head of friendly hardworking folk that ride around in cute little buggies and are generally good people.  Now I am not saying they are bad people I am just saying that the ideal may be a bit nicer than the reality.  For one, they are not real fond of the "English" as they call us.  They don't always deal honestly and they are shrewed business people.  Though they do work for less, alot of times, since they do not have the overhead or debt and bills that most American businesses have.  So I do choose to do business with them and do not discourage people to give them business.  I am mearly saying do it with caution.  They also do not run on regular time!  They do things when they want and don't really care if you don't like it.  All that to say I am hoping that my fence gets put in during the month of April.  Now they said last of March first of April but after speaking with Jacob Stoltzfus today he said probably not until the second week of April.  Wishful thinking makes me want to believe that it will get done soon but reality is I may not see the fence for a few weeks.  Can you tell my 5 1/2 year patience has finally run out?!  I WANT MY HORSE!!  That may have sounded a bit like a 2 year old temper tantrum, well, because it kind of is ;).  Ok ok I will stay calm but I am so excited about the whole thing I could jump out of my skin.

 The next picture you see of my back yard there should be a beautiful new 4 board fence across it!!!  And I will be laying in my hammock looking into the new pature and gazing at my horse!


  1. How exciting!! I sure hope you can get your dream horse soon!!

  2. I'm so excited for you!!! Any idea what kind of horse you're getting? What's your dream horse?

    Also how are the turkeys doing? We're getting some in June and I'm excited because it'll be our first time raising them (except for a couple I had as a kid, but don't really remember).

  3. Thanks guys! What kind of horse? That is a tough question I am having trouble answering. I think I will have to dedicate a blog entry to answering that question. I will also put out an update on the turkeys. They are getting huge! We really enjoyed raising them last year.

  4. I can't wait to see both posts. :)

    And no we don't milk our goats. We raise Boer/Kiko crosses and both breeds are actually meat goats. We sell them as bottle kid pets, show prospects, brush control, etc. There is a huge market for goats that people don't realize. :) I have toyed with the idea of getting a Nubian or some other dairy breed of goat, but I don't know if I have the time/dedication to milk at the same time everyday. :)


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